Who are we?

MLS drone 2020In 1986 MLS was founded and is already more than 37 years! It is a great pleasure to me that even our very first customers are still placing orders with MLS today. Year after year our product line as well as our customer database is growing.

This way MLS was able to develop into a firm SME with around 60 employees and more than 14.000 products. Our assets are mainly our strong dedication, our fine team spirit and our good customer service. Such a token of humanity is important in our rational world.

MLS warehouseFor several years now, we are ISO certified and we dispose of a medical notification number for medical supplies. This guarantees you that MLS distributes, stores and delivers medical supplies according to the highest standards.


Finally dear customer, I wish to thank you for your trust in MLS. Without you it would have been impossible to become what we are today. MLS 35jaarWith sincere gratitude; we are ready for the next 35 years!