New range: Vigmed® catheters

These catheters are produced by the Swedish company Vigmed® (a recent acquisition with Vacuette/GBO), who concentrates entirely on safety.

Every year approximately 1 million needlestick injuries take place amongst the 3,5 million members of the health staff in Europe. This shows that improving security is not an unnecessary luxury.

Vigmed® is known for:

  • The excellent quality of its products.
  • Its highest quality standards.
  • Its eco-efficiency.
  • The high-tech production possibilities in a clean room environment.


  • Very flexible range (from 14G to 24G), 3 intravenous versions ‘Neo, Ported & Winged’ and also 1 arterial version.
  • The complete range has been designed around Safety: automatic needlestick injury protection which is triggered while using the product, no need to push a button.
  • Stainless steel needles (Japanese quality).
  • Ultra sharp needle for an easy insertion in the skin and veins, this makes the puncture more comfortable for the patient.
  • Catheters are available in PUR or Teflon.
  • Swedish knowhow in the lap of GBO/Vacuette.
  • Easy insertion and a direct view over the blood flow through a transparent chamber.
  • Cost effective in terms of waste processing.


You can find the range on our website: