Face masks manual

Face mask manual. Loosen the adhesive tape on one side far enough. Slide the other side of the tape. Place over the head and attach the other side as desired, press firmly.

Closed on November 1st & 11th, 2019

We like to inform you that MLS will be closed on November 1st and 11th (All Saints’ Day and Armistice). No orders will be treated, nor will deliveries or collection of the goods be possible. Therefore we request you to order the goods in time.

New range: Vigmed® catheters

These catheters are produced by the Swedish company Vigmed ® (a recent acquisition with Vacuette/GBO), who concentrates entirely on safety. Every year approximately 1 million needlestick injuries take place amongst the 3,5 million members of the health staff in Europe. This shows that improving security is not an unnecessary luxury.