Sciensano Symposium Infectieziekten 2022 MLS

Symposium Infectieziekten 2022

Sciensano organiseert jaarlijks een wetenschappelijk seminarie over infectieziekten, met speciale aandacht voor surveillance, preventie, behandeling en epidemiebeheer.


08:30 Registration with walking breakfast & visit of stands

Session 1 | Chairs: Steven Callens (UZ Gent) & Denis Pierard (VUB)

09:15 Welcome address

09:30 New antibiotics |Rakan Nasreddine (ULB) & Hugues Malonne (FAGG/AFMPS)

10:00 Bigger and better? Impact of clinical laboratory consolidation on infectious diseases surveillance in the future |Olivier Vandenberg (LHUBULB)

10:25 Trends of influenza virus and other respiratory viruses during covid pandemic |Nathalie Bossuyt (Sciensano)

10:45 Update on PrEP in Belgium | Jessika Deblonde (Sciensano)

11:10-11:40 Coffee break & visit of stands

Session 2 | Chairs: Emmanuel André (UZ Leuven) & Steven Van Gucht (Sciensano)

11:40 Overview of the link-vacc project | Joris Van Loenhout (Sciensano)

12:05 Lesson’s learned from covid comissariat | Pedro Facon (covid commissariat)

12:30 Waste water surveillance for covid and future application | Marie Lesenfants & Raphaël Janssens (Sciensano)

13:00-14:10 Lunch

Session 3 | Chairs: Pierette Melin (ULiège) & Naïma Hammami (Agentschap Zorg and Gezondheid)

14:10 Investigation of an internation Outbreak of Monophasic Salmonella Typhimurium associated with Chocolate Products, April 2022 | Dieter Van Cauteren (Sciensano)

14:25 Outbreaks and lessons learned: following the floods in Wallonia |Tiffany Dierinck (AVIQ)

14:50 Past, present and future of anti-pneumococcal vaccines | Sophie Blumental (ULB)

15:15 The meaning of autotesting | Elizaveta Padalko (UZ Gent)

15:35 Drug resistant Shigella sonnei infections in MSM |Pieter-Jan Ceyssens (Sciensano)

15:45 Closing address and end of seminar


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