• The Vacuette® blood collection tubes are produced by Greiner Bio-One, Austria. They are market leader in PET vacuum blood collection tubes. MLS is the exclusive distributor in Belgium and Luxemburg.
  • Greiner Bio-One stands for:
    . Excellent know-how in plastic technology.
    . High-tech production possibilities.
    . Custom-made solutions.
    . Highest quality norms.
  • Vacuette® tubes are made of plastic which offers following benefits:
    . Vacuette® tubes are unbreakable.
    . The tubes are much lighter than glass tubes.
    . Highly transparent.
    . They offer a high resistance in the centrifuge.
    . Plastic is environment-friendlier than glass: PET is decomposed in 3 components, namely carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Moreover, the combustion temperature is 500°C (instead of 1300°C for glass).
  • Complete spectrum of accessories and tubes for blood collection, analysis and urine collection.
  • Specially designed sandwich-tube for coagulation tests. The sandwich-tube is a PET tube with a polypropylene tube inside. Polypropylene is chemically inert, so PPT and PTT values are measured more precisely than is the case with glass tubes. (Almost no thrombolytic influence).
  • Greiner Bio-One owns following quality certificates:
    . CE-certificate for Vacuette® Needles, Holdex® and Butterfly.
    . ISO 9001.
    . EN 46001.
    . ISO 6710.
    . FDA Approval.
  • The Vacuette® exist in 3 dimensions:
    . 75 x 13 mm
    . 100 x 13 mm
    . 100 x 16 mm
  • We distinguish two types within the tubes 75 x 13 mm and 100 x 13 mm, namely the Non-ridged pull-caps and a PREMIUM Safety Twist Caps with a practical screw cap. All tubes with 100 x 16 mm are only available with non-ridged pull-caps.
  • Vacuette® PREMIUM tubes: Premium Safety and Premium Comfort
    Blood is actually a potential infected sample...
    Greiner Bio-One is the first manufacturer who offers a vacuum blood collection tube with a twist cap that is easy to open. This new generation blood collection tubes with the brand Vacuette® Premium assures an increase of efficiency in the daily routine in the labs. Blood spill and/or aerosol formation belong to the past.
    The sealing of this Premium tube, which guarantees a maximum safety in combination with a practical use, is especially designed to fill the lab’s desires.
    Applies to all 75 x 13 mm and 100 x 13 mm tubes.
    Optional: Premium tubes are available with a transparent label (supplement) instead of a paper label. Do not hesitate to contact our commercial department.
    . Easy manual opening.
    . Optimal visual control.
    . Easy to open with one hand.
    . No danger for splashes.
    . Safe transport.
    . Prevents aerosol effect.
  • The caps of the tubes are coloured in accordance with the international recommended colour code, so that different tube types can be recognized at first glance. The different coloured rings on the top of the cap provide additional optical recognition.
    . White: paediatric tube (a reduced volume of 2 ml or less).
    . Yellow: tube with separation gel.
    . Red: tube with beads (example: serum tubes).
    . Black: standard tubes.
  • The following list includes the most frequently used tubes in their standard volumes. For variants or more specifications, please feel free to contact us. Comparative studies are also available.