Unique barcode tubes & GeT perfect

Barcode tubes

With the Vacuette® barcode tubes you minimize the risk of mixing up sample tubes and thus improve the security of the diagnostic process.

Features of the Vacuette® barcode tubes:

  • Safety cap.
  • PET tubes from almost unbreakable plastic.
  • Uniformly positioned label for improved readability on instruments.
  • Clear view of the sample material makes it easy to assess the quality of the blood draw.
  • The sample ID remains visible in the rack.
  • Tested barcode quality in accordance with international standards (ISO).
  • Fulfils data protection regulations: patient-related data can only be seen with authorisation (privacy by design).
  • No mix-ups thanks to the use of a unique sample ID (code 128).
  • Track and trace.
  • Basis for the automatic recording of the sample date, the phlebotomist and all the collected samples.

Vacuette® barcode tubes each have a unique barcode (128) of 10 alphanumeric digits.

Vacuette® bi-barcode tubes

The two-part barcode of the Vacuette® bi-barcode tubes enables you to link the request form and the sample easily, even without the relevant software. These have the same features as the Vacuette® barcode tubes. On top of that they provide a significant increase in efficiency, even with minimal infrastructure.

Extra features of the Vacuette® bi-barcode tubes:

  • Two-part barcode labels; both parts have the same unique ID.
  • One part stays on the tube and the other can be attached to the request form.
  • Easy and cost-efficient to link the request form and the sample.
  • Very robust plastic label.

GeT (= Greiner eHealth Technologies) perfect

What is GeT perfect?

Greiner bio-one eHealth Technologies (GeT) refers to the comprehensive application of both software and hardware for an efficient streamlining of processes in healthcare.
GeT perfect is a unique IT based preanalytical approach to eliminate or significantly reduce unconformities. This means not just improvements from an economic point of view but also improvements in quality and safety standards. By using GeT solutions these requirements can be fulfilled thanks to the perfect barcode quality and the middleware with automated LIS data exchange. It supports digitalisation of orders and provides a perfect workflow at the laboratory.

How does it work?

Studies have shown that approximately 85% of mistakes occurring in laboratory tests are down to errors made at the pre-analytic stage. When used together with the prelabelled Vacuette® sample collection tubes, the new software system can be the solution to all these problems.
By scanning the patient’s wristband and and combining the tubes and the LIS through a completely digitalized data exchange, GeT provides standardization that cuts down time-consuming procedures significantly. The digital reports are transmitted to both specialists and patients and on top of that GeT perfect has a neat archiving solution.
The application of an eHealth system increases safety while reducing costs. Mistakes caused by incorrectly labelled sample containers as well as errors during the actual sample collection can be prevented.

Features of GeT perfect:

  • Future proof: Data relating to quality and security, such as the sample date, are transmitted to the lab using a simple scan.
  • Efficient: Even with increasing numbers of samples, our system ensures that work is straightforward and supported, and the quality is enhanced. You can save up to 53% of time a year in sample preparation alone.
  • Flexible: Whether you choose our complete solution or just one of our modules, we will assist you on the path to your ideal procedure.
  • Safe: Scanning the patient’s wristband and the unique barcode on the tube identifies them clearly and provides optimum security for you and your patients.

Visit www.gbo.com/get and discover the GeT calculator to find out your savings potential!