Barcode tubes

With the Vacuette® barcode tubes you minimize the risk of mixing up sample tubes and thus improve the security of the diagnostic process.

Features of the Vacuette® barcode tubes:

  • Safety cap.
  • PET tubes from almost unbreakable plastic.
  • Uniformly positioned label for improved readability on instruments.
  • Clear view of the sample material makes it easy to assess the quality of the blood draw.
  • The sample ID remains visible in the rack.
  • Tested barcode quality in accordance with international standards (ISO).
  • Fulfils data protection regulations: patient-related data can only be seen with authorisation (privacy by design).
  • No mix-ups thanks to the use of a unique sample ID (code 128).
  • Track and trace.
  • Basis for the automatic recording of the sample date, the phlebotomist and all the collected samples.

Vacuette® barcode tubes each have a unique barcode (128) of 10 alphanumeric digits.