Sedi-Rate® P3

The plastic pipette itself is the common feature of the P1, P2, P3 and P4 system. It is manufactured in polystyrene and is treated in this manner that the use of the pipette is identical to the use of a glass pipette. Every pipette has an identical graduation, this from 0 – 180 mm. The pipette features a unique fibrous plug located at the zero mark, which expands when in contact with blood. This leads to following major benefits:

  • Due to the location of the plug (at zero value), all blood samples are automatically at initial condition.
  • The plug is specifically designed to be a self-sealing aerosol barrier. In this way, the plug guarantees that the blood does not pass which increases the hygiene and safety of the test.

Completely closed system!Here the tubes with 0,25 ml citrate, which are necessary for 1 ml blood, are included in the delivery. The tubes come with a pierceable TAPVAL closure. Ideal for a perfect sealing. By pushing the P3 pipette into the tube through the TAPVAL closure, an overpressure is created which makes the blood rise up to the plug. This all in just one move. When the blood reaches the plug, it is immediately situated at zero value.

A complete hermetically closed and safe concept!

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Sedirate P3 pipette +citrate tube, JP Selecta 
Sedi-Rate® P3 pipette (plastic) + tube with citrate  
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