Fridges and freezers

Fridges and freezers (Gram)

Gram Bioline consists of: BioPlus, BioMidi, BioCompact, BioCompact II, BioBlood en BioUltra.
  • The unique Gram air conduction system ensures even cooling in the cabinet.
  • Very low power consumption.

Fridges and freezers (Helmer)

  • For blood storage or pharmaceutical products.
  • Quick recovery time so that sensitive material is stored under proper conditions.
  • Special anti-bacterial coating on the inside and outside (no chance of cross contamination).
  • Complies with AABB directive, in accordance with international blood storage rules.

Refrigerators and freezers (Liebherr)

Liebherr Mediline consisting of laboratory refrigerators and freezers, including medicine fridger in accordance with DIN58345.
  • Low energy consumption.